A Unique Solution for Administrative Services

Accomplish Adminstrative Solutions provides all the services you would expect from a payroll and administrative support service, but we do it differently.

You have probably heard of an IRS Section 125, or �cafeteria plan� that is available for employers to present to their employees. A Section 125 allows for an employee to have any health insurance related costs taken out pre-tax, such as health insurance premiums and �expected� out of pocket costs for the year. This would lower the amount that the employee claimed as taxable income for that year, which, in turn, lowers the amount that you owe to Uncle Sam.

Our plan combines Section 125 together with U.S.C. § 162, U.S.C. § 105, and U.S.C. § 79. With this marriage of codes, employees can add ancillary benefits using the Section 125. This means they can now afford: Critical Illness Insurance, Accident Insurance, and Medical Gap coverage.